Sandhills AGInnovation Center Governing Board

AGInnovation Center and partners

Position Name Organization
Chairman Ed Hunt Thomas Entrepreneurship Hub (UNCP)
Secretary/Treasurer Noran Sanford
Richmond Producer Lee Berry The Berry Patch
David Clark God’s Garden
Robert Elliot Veteran Farm of NC
Jake Vuncannon Carolina Farm Credit
Jamilla Hawkins TBA
Fenton Wilkinson Integrity Systems
Ex-Officio Paige Burns Richmond County Extension(CED)

The Governing Board of the Sandhills AGInnovation Center (SAIC) will meet at least quarterly to monitor the progress of the food hub business and advise the SAIC Manager. The purpose of the Governing Board is to ensure that the SAIC is operating in the interest of Richmond County Board of County Commissioners, satisfying the objectives of the major funders and appropriately utilizing public funds.

Governing Board members will have either a one year or two-year term, establishing a rotating board with continuity of expertise.